So those guys who are all like ‘This guy! He’s rich/it’s his birthday/he’s been wanting a dance from you all night’ *turns to ‘this guy’* ‘nah babe he’s just being stupid, this OTHER guy is really the rich birthday boy, you’ve just got to convince him’ etc. repeat for every member of the group……

These guys are the wwoorrssttt. Honestly, I avoid tables like this unless I’m in an extremely good mood so even if they do mess up my work flow I don’t mind.

So on those days that I’m in super good hustle mode, I usually ask the “poor” guy to buy one of his friends a dance. Yes, I know that may sound counter intuitive but if he really doesn’t have any money then you’ll know for sure right then. If he does, then great…it gives you an in to the group and then before you know it they’re all buying dances for each other.

If that doesn’t work, my next tactic is very similar. I have the “poor” guy tell me the name of someone else in the group or the “rich” guy in the group. I tell him that “poor” guy sent me over to talk to him because he thinks he should buy a dance from me. The “rich” guy may or not buy dances, but getting that stamp of approval from someone encourages him to. And if the “rich” guy doesn’t get a dance, see if he’ll buy a dance for “poor” guy…see where I’m going with this? 

Alright, so on the days that I’m in a bad mood and just not up for pulling teeth, I wait til they get super drunk and run my usual hustle from there. By then they don’t have the presence of mind to play any games on you and you’ll know who actually has the money because they’ll probably be the ones spending money.

Hope that helps,




shaidolo asked:

Also, have you ever met any married strippers?

stripperina answered:

Lots.  It’s almost like we’re people with both public and private lives.


Oh no, strippers never do that! We are far to busy with our drug and alcohol addictions and selling our bodies to the person who makes us feel the worst about ourselves to ever date!

Besides who’d ever want to marry a stripper in the first place?! We are far too low on the social totem pole for anyone to consider us as life partners!

….UUUGGGGHHHHH, what a fucking horrible question.

Cities to Consider III


So here’s a list of places that I think I want to try, starting from what’s closest to me.

Phoenix: Added bonus is that I have family there and it’s only a 5 hours away. Also it could turn into a vacation too, I’d like to see the Grand Canyon and Sedona.

Dallas/Austin: Added bonus is that I have family here too! Close plane ride too.

Alaska: Could turn into a vacation, it’s supposed to be beautiful there.

Chicago: Just because.

Miami/West Palm Beach: I have a friend who would go with me to dance there. There maybe extras but I think I could hang in there without doing them.

Melbourne: I’d like to go here for fun and work. If I end up here it’s because it’s the most sensible option, even if it is far! The live/work visa for people under 30 is good for a year, so I could stay for awhile if I like it.

For those of you who are wondering why I’m not going to Vegas…well long story short I’m done with that city. My goal right now is to find a city that really suits me, market that values what I have to offer. Vegas just doesn’t.

I do need to change up things. As I’m getting older I can feel my sense of adventure fading and I don’t want it to. There’s just too much I want to see and do for me to be feeling this way. 



Anonymous asked:

Does every dancer set their own prices for dances? How do you go about telling the guy or girl the price before the lap dance begins?


In many places you’ll find that dancers do not set their own prices for dances. It’s set by the club and it’s bad pracitce (in some cases illegal) to over charge or under charge for dances.

…There is no “how”!! You tell people how much the dance is before you do it, so there’s no way they can misunderstand they are getting a dance. Payment isn’t optional.



Tonight at the Pyramid: BS Radar


Tonight was one of those nights where I made a few hundred bucks entertaining some old South African man who told me about his fortunes. Not bragging really, but just dropping it in when the conversation allowed for it. He’s worked for some major banks, does investing on his own now; primarily in the mining industry. 

He’s one of those people that I think does have a lot of money, after all I did see his black card, but I don’t know if he is a real person or someone who believes in his own genius. This is the sort of guy who wants to rescue a “deserving” sex worker — “Someone who knows the true value of a dollar, someone who is clearly intelligent…like you.” Stop stroking my would be ego asshole. 

This is why I don’t do sugaring, sometimes there’s just too much smoke in mirrors and I can’t see through it. Is this guy the real deal? Someone who has a net worth of millions of dollars or is he just some drunk old guy at a strip club who likes to make himself feel important?

When customers talk about the money they have I usually entertain them for awhile until I’ve obtained the following information: how they made their fortune, if they have cash on them and what credit cards they have. Once I’ve gotten this info I usually run the “friend” game. "Oh I love talking to you, but if I don’t start working for real, I’ll get in trouble"! or "You’re so fun to talk to, but now I have to get to work! Why don’t I try to get some dances and maybe we can hang out later." Usually the guys with a cash to spend will shell it out right then to keep you there, otherwise they’ll let you go…but at least you know either way immediately.

So using this strategy I did get some money out of him…and we did exchange emails. However, dudes like him are a dime a dozen. They are chuck full of connections, good advice, traveling experience but when it comes down to it they are reluctant to share those resources. Or they basically want to be a sugar daddy but they just don’t know it yet. Or even worse, they do want to be regular of yours, a benefactor or Sugar Daddy in someway but don’t want spend the sort of cash that it would take to be that. Ain’t nobody got time for that saltiness. Either be real, share your wealth of knowledge with me in lieu of giving me money or come to my job and empty your wallet on me. 

Nobody gets me for free. You guys get me, right?